By early April the masses of wild daffodils were beginning to die and were replaced by cowslips in their thousands. Bluebells, blue, white and a few pink ones appeared along with celandines, green alkanet, shepherd’s purse, white stonecrop, cow parsley, garlic mustard, more buttercups including the tall meadow buttercup and a mass of forget-me-nots.  Our bluebells are Spanish hybrids, characterised by their upright stems and bell-shaped flowers with open tips.

Garlic mustard is also known as jack-by-the-hedge, hedge garlic, sauce-alone, jack-in-the-bush, penny hedge and poor man's mustard.

By the mid/end of April, the trees were coming into leaf including the copper beech, far right.


Cow parsley, also lady's lace, wild chervil and keck

Pink bluebells

Garlic mustard - see above for all the other names

White bluebells

Shepherd's purse


Lesser celandine

Green alkanet or evergreen bugloss


White stonecrop

Carpet of cowslips

Meadow buttercup

Flower of the white stonecrop

End of April with thousands of cowslips (and a few tulips!)