With the grasses growing taller, ox-eye daisy, hawkbit, hawkweed and ragwort began to appear. The sunny days brought out a mass of new wild flowers: scarlet pimpernel, bird's-foot trefoil, bedstraws, poppies, St John's-wort, hedge woundwort, self-heal, white clover and broad-leaved willowherb in the fruit cage.  Ivy and convolvulus, also known as bindweed, began to spread everywhere. 

Up to fifty white helleborine orchids were found across the garden, many in new locations.  These were followed by spotted orchids, then the pyramidals and finally the bee orchids.  The carpet of spotted orchids under the copper beech tree didn't happen this year, possibly due to the tree casting too much shadow. However we did get six bees. Sadly the belgarum variant that appeared a few years ago has not returned.

Self-heal, also known as heart-of-the-earth, brownwort, blue curls and carpenter's herb, is edible with its leaves added to a salad or the whole plant boiled and eaten as a potherb. Due to its flowers opening only when the sun shines, scarlet pimpernel has acquired names such as shepherd's weather glass, poorman's barometer and shepherd's clock. 

In the past lady's bedstraw was dried and used to stuff mattresses as their scent acts as a flea repellant.  Hedge bedstraw is also quaintly known as false baby's breath!

June 2020, as in May, many flowers appeared earlier this year. One sunny morning a rare sighting was made of a goatsbeard flower in full bloom. It is also known as 'Jack-(or John) go-to-bed-at-noon', as by late morning the flower has closed. 

Two new additions for this website have been found, a dark mullein and the common fragrant-orchid has re-appeared after being missing for several years.

St John's-wort

Hedge bedstraw

Spotted orchid


Lady's or yellow bedstraw

Pyramidal orchid



Bee orchid

White clover



Bird's-foot trefoil


Scarlet pimpernel

also Eggs and bacon

also Field bindweed



Ox-eye or Dog daisy

Broad-leaved willow-herb

Goatsbeard flower

Goatsbeard pappus or clock

Common fragrant-orchid

Dark mullein

Ox-eye daisies

End of June